Finding partners for cooperation

Here we give you more tips on where to find partners for an international partnership

For an international partnership, you need a partner in another country. The easiest way to find a partner is usually to look close to home. Do you have personal contacts abroad, or a colleague with the right contacts? You can also talk to your organisation for advice and suggestions.
If there are other ongoing or completed projects close to you, it may be possible to get their help with finding contacts. Find out whether your municipality has international contacts through partnerships or twin towns.

Ask within the sector

If you are looking for a partner in a special field, you can contact Swedish and foreign bodies that you think are interesting.

We organise regular meetings between Swedish and foreign organisations, known as contact seminars. These are located abroad as part of some of our programmes.

Try looking abroad

Local authorities or organisations can sometimes help on site with contacts in a particular country.

Surf via us

We have links to databases for searching for European partners. You can find information about other organisation's projects and can contact them directly.

European School Education Platform (ESEP)

A European Commission website and a meeting point for all stakeholders in the school education sector – school staff, researchers, policymakers – to find news, interviews, publications, practice examples, courses and partners for their Erasmus+ projects. The eTwinning area is dedicated to eTwinners and their activities.

A European Commission website, where adult education organisations can search for partners for a strategic partnership project within Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ Project Results Platform
The European Commission's database for projects within Erasmus+ has information about ongoing and completed partnerships. It has the contact details of organisations that may be interested in cooperation and exchange.

The web portal for Nordplus programmes has a search function for partners in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

For school partnerships in Europe using information and communication technology.

Schools Online
The British Council's Schools Online website allows you to search for partner schools around the world.

SMPF partner search
Database for partner searches for several types of projects within European and Nordic programmes. This database was developed by the Lithuanian programme office.

Swedish regional office in Brussels

Europe Direct and their information offices