Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Through Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, higher education institutions can apply for scholarships and grants which enable student and staff exchange with partner countries outside of Europe.

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) contributes to increasing the quality of higher education and can also contribute to greater openness between education programmes in different countries.

Who can apply and participate?

Only higher education institutions with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, ECHE, can apply. The application may include mobility periods for both incoming and outgoing students and staff.

As a student or staff member you apply for a grant or scholarship at your own higher education institution.

Activities included in the programme

Teaching/training period

Teaching staff at the higher education institutions involved in an ICM project have the opportunity to carry out teaching assignments at the partnering institution. Staff from companies or other organisations can also be invited to teach at the higher education institutions.

A teaching period can last from five to sixty days (excluding travel days). The teacher on mobility must teach at least eight hours per week.

Job shadowing  or training event

Teaching and non-teaching staff at the higher education institutions involved in a mobility project have the opportunity to undergo professional development at the partnering institution.

A training period can last from five to sixty days (excluding travel days).
A period abroad can combine teaching and training activities.


Students have the opportunity to study for 3-12 months or do a traineeship for 2-12 months in the partnering country. It is also possible to combine a study and traineeship period for 3-12 months.

Fixed budget and a limited number of mobility periods per region

Within Erasmus+ International Credit mobility the countries are divided in different so called budget envelopes, which have been defined by the European Commission. Each budget envelope has a fixed budget which defines the number of mobilities that can be allocated per region. This means that there is a great deal of competition when applying in the most popular regions, such as Industrialised Asia.
The higher education institution can apply for exchanges with more than one partner country.


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