What we do is a website run by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) for international partnerships and exchanges. Our website contains information about funding opportunities within various programmes, as well as tools and activities.

Our funding programme allows pre-schools, schools, higher education institutions, businesses, organisations and individuals to participate in everything from international cooperation in the fields of education and skills development to traineeships and studies.

Why is money available for international cooperation?

The Swedish Government, European Commission and Nordic Council of Ministers have tasked us with coordinating and allocating funding within EU programmes and international programmes for cooperation and exchange in the field of education.

There are a number of political objectives in each programme area that we must help to achieve.

  • EU-funded programmes focus on increased cohesion and growth in Europe.
  • The overarching aim of programmes funded by Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) is to combat poverty and contribute to global development.
  • Programmes funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers focus on developing exchange and cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries. 

The activities we fund have the following at their core:

  • international knowledge and experience exchange
  • that education programmes and organisations in Sweden can learn from other countries
  • that we have something to contribute
  • that the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience is developmental for the people and organisations that participate, and for the field of education in general.

Something for all areas of education

Whatever you are studying or whatever educational field you work in, you can participate in the programmes and activities we administer. The programmes focus on various levels and forms of education, from pre-school to university, vocational education and adult education.

Help with applications

We help applicants (such as schools, higher education institutions, companies and organisations) to refine project ideas and to contact other organisations that work in the same thematic area.

Funding for experience, idea or knowledge exchanges

Within the programmes, it is possible to get funding for initiatives that may not otherwise have come to fruition. These could be experience exchanges as part of a project partnership, a course in continuing education in another country, or a pupil, student or teacher exchange.

Mobility is important in the programmes; for example, you can apply for funding for travel expenses for planned visits and meetings abroad. In the majority of cases, it is not possible to get funding for staffing costs.